Jordan Poler Awarded NCInnovation Grant

Jordan Poler, professor of chemistry, has been awarded a grant through a pilot program from NCInnovation.  He is one of two UNC Charlotte faculty selected for the funding and among eight researchers chosen from the UNC System.

The grant will allow Poler to expand on his team’s recent innovations in water purification that have led to the creation of patented materials capable of removing harmful compounds more effectively than current market solutions. 

At UNC Charlotte, Poler leads a research group that includes students from various disciplines focused on the development of advanced materials. 

Poler founded startup naneXPure LLC and will work with Goulston Technologies, based in Monroe, to scale up the drinking water purification materials from bench to industry scale. Poler’s research on water purification materials, which includes the synthesis of polyelectrolytes, novel coordination complexes and nanostructured materials, shows the potential of nanoscale science to create impactful, real-world solutions to improve public health, he said. 

Poler, a Fulbright scholar, has previously received grants from the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Science Foundation and the Department of Defense for his research on water purification. 

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